(Please read the following before contacting us)

1. Must be kept indoors only
2. Must NOT be declawed
3. Must NOT be bred
4. Must be spayed/neutered at 6 months of age.
5. Must receive quality veterinarian care as needed
6. Must never be given to a pet store, shelter, rescue, or research laboratory or left outside to survive on their own.

We DO NOT keep a waiting list. Kittens are offered for reservation/adoption on a first come - first serve basis in the order that we have received your deposit. A $200.00 Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the kitten of your choice until he/she is old enough to leave at 13-14 weeks old. A kitten is still considered "AVAILABLE" until a deposit has been received at which point the kitten will identified as "RESERVED".



All cats listed below are available to PET HOMES only and only require a small adoption fee to cover the cost of the spay/neuter.

1) Solid Cream Male: 1 year 4 months; extremely sweet boy. Likes a lot of individual attention. Would do best in single cat household. He is already neutered and shaved for the summer. 

2) Solid Blue Female: 1 year 1 month; Absolutely a love bug, would like nothing more than to sit on your lap for hours. Will be spayed before leaving.

3) Solid Black Male: 1 year 2 months; Very sweet boy but was just a bit shy about showing so we have decided to place him in a pet home. Will be neutered before leaving.

4) Dilute Calico Female: 5 years old; "Katie" aka Kate Spade; Wonderful temperament, great lapcat with tons of personality. She is being retired due to her lack of mothering skills but more than makes up for it in her loving demeanor to her humans.